Hail the size of a cow’s eyeball

At our recent area Storm Spotter training, meteorologist Chad Omitt talked about using well-known items to describe the size of hail. Nickel-sized. Quarter-sized. Baseball-sized hail. “When I was down in Wichita, someone once called in to describe hail as being the size of a cat’s head, which isn’t something we’re going to announce on the air,” he joked.

A short-lived but substantial storm moved through our neck of the Kansas prairie last night, pounding us with hail. We’re sure we heard breaking glass at some unlucky neighbor’s house. But we were lucky enough to grab a few pieces of hail and pose them for a photo. Our very own hail the size of cow’s eyeballs. Or maybe just half-dollars. You decide.

Half-Dollar Sized Hail
Hail that hit central Kansas Sunday, April 3.

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