Autumn can last less than ten minutes in Kansas; enjoy it while you can

The most consistent thing about Kansas weather is that it’s inconsistent. Two days ago, East Central Kansas was a balmy 84 degrees; yesterday, Western Kansas was dusted with snow. But today–today was exactly right for autumn. Despite the drought, the leaves on the trees are showing their fall colors. If you’re in East Central Kansas, today’s the day. Go for a drive. If you’re in Emporia, go for a drive through Soden’s Grove. (Learn more about William T. Soden, the park’s namesake, here.)

Soden's Grove, Emporia, Kansas.

Soden's Grove, Emporia, Kansas. This road winds between the miniature train tracks and the Cottonwood River, which used to power Soden's Mill.

Soden's Grove, Kansas.


5 thoughts on “Autumn can last less than ten minutes in Kansas; enjoy it while you can

  1. Steve J

    Great pictures! I’m glad to see the autumnal scenery is present despite the drought.

    In regard to your title, I think just about everyone outside of southern California and Florida believe Autumn and Spring are short and sometimes non-existent. Of course, these two seasons are transitional seasons between the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter. Thus, we can get incredible temperature swings throughout these seasons making it seem like Summer ushers in Winter in a matter of 24 hours. Of course, these seasons also produce some of the most historical weather events as warm and cold battle it out in the middle latitudes. Embrace the roller coaster ride that is Autumn!

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      Thanks for the feedback on the pictures! Not as spectacular as in our wet years, but pretty enough to make you stop and catch your breath while you notice it’s fall!

      You’re absolutely right about the sometimes erratic qualities of spring and fall. This year, it seems like we had summer most of the year, with a spring and autumn that came in like scene changes happening behind a curtain on stage. It will be interesting to see what we get this winter…

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      Soden’s Grove is also the location of Emporia’s Zoo — the smallest accredited zoo in the country. It’s a gem, both for its animals and for its vegetation. It’s also across from a historic bridge and the All Veteran’s Memorial. If you come through town, it really is worth a look-see.


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