Williamsburg: an update

I don’t usually reblog posts from other web sites. However, after writing about the little town of Williamsburg a few months ago, I was heartbroken to see this post about the possible closure of Williamsburg’s school on the KOFO news site.

KOFO Local News

POMONA — The West Franklin USD 287 school board could close schools at Appanoose and Williamsburg and move all students to Pomona as a cost-cutting measure. The board took the first step in a process that could take at least three years before the schools are closed, Supt. Dotson Bradbury said. The board has scheduled a special meeting for June 4 for another matter but will also discuss additional steps, he said. Combining students at Pomona would require a bond issue to expand and improve the Pomona campus, he said Bradbury conceded that previous proposals to close school in the district haven’t been popular and the district faces a series of public hearings and education sessions to explain the alternatives to residents. The proposal to close the schools is a direct result of state cuts to public education, he said.
Tuesday, May 15, 5 p.m.

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