Relief: A raindrop story in one photo.

Raindrops on a windshield

After weeks of unrelenting hot sun, our little town finally felt some rain. Here’s the view through my windshield this morning, looking up at a blissfully cloudy sky.

3 thoughts on “Relief: A raindrop story in one photo.

  1. Laurie

    I love this photo. Manhattan got 8/10″ last night. I was so excited that I ran outside and took pictures of puddles this morning. None of them were interesting enough to post, however.

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      We got just enough for the ground to feel wet this morning. No idea how much, though. We’re actually going to invest in a weather station because the NWS doesn’t post readings for Ottawa! Still, the cooler air was WONDERFUL.

  2. Veronica

    That photo is so cool–it looks like the rain is resting on your camera lens. Cool perspective! Man, we got a teensy bit but not enough. Still, it was enough to bring out some green!


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