Sunday Snapshot: Bakery Shelves Post Hostess

After a long history in the Midwest and the state of Kansas, Hostess Bakeries is no more.

Bare shelves in the bakery aisle

Proof that there are no longer any buns in the oven at Hostess Bakeries.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Bakery Shelves Post Hostess

  1. Veronica

    I seriously got teary eyed over that and I don’t even like Hostess products. It’s like money just went out of business-lol. They had a huge display of Twinkies at our Walmart marketplace yesterday and I bought 10 boxes to give as Christmas gifts. Will be the only year in history that Twinkies trumps money gifts. lol

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  3. Mr. V.

    Yeah, it is sad. It’s been years since I’ve eaten a Twinkie, but the desire arose again after hearing about Hostess’ demise.

    It also reminded me of one of the main characters from the movie Zombieland, who was traveling around post-apocalyptic America searching for any Twinkies that might still be on a shelf somewhere in one of the long deserted stores. 😀


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