Not long ago, I blogged about watching the movie In Cold Blood. What amazes me about this blog post is that if it is true that Perry Smith and Richard Hickock really did make it to Florida and killed a family, the story we know–and Truman Capote’s book, which is now part of the American and Kansan canon–will turn into a completely different set of truths. Mind blowing.

KOFO Local News

LANSING — The bodies of the two killers who were executed in the case detailed by Truman Capote’s book “In Cold Blood’ were being exhumed today in connection with another cold case. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation said its agents obtained a search warrant today to exhume the bodies of Perry Smith and Richard Hickock and collect tissue samples for DNA testing. They were convicted and executed for the murders of Herb, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter in western Kansas. The Sarasota County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department has wanted DNA from Smith and Hickock to see if it matches tissue samples kept from a quadruple homicide of a Florida family shortly after the murders of the Clutter family. Smith and Hickock are buried in a private cemetery in Leavenworth County near the Lansing prison. The exhumation was conducted by members of the KBI’s crime scene response team.
Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1…

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