Sunday Snapshot: Hope Cemetery at Dusk

One of at least three large cemeteries within the city limits of Ottawa, Kansas, Hope Cemetery has many historic and artistic monuments and mausoleums. Aside from being the final resting place of many prominent Franklin County citizens, it is also a showcase of Midwestern Victorian cemetery art.

Hope Cemetery May 12 2013 Cemetery Wandering 063

Hope Cemetery at dusk.

1 thought on “Sunday Snapshot: Hope Cemetery at Dusk

  1. Veronica

    I don’t usually “sightsee” at graveyards but my sisters and mom took a girls’ trip to Topeka several years back and did a ghost tour of the city, which included a stop in the cemetery. They told all the city’s ghost stories and since we were only doing it for fun and don’t believe in ghosts, we were a bit goofy about it at first but they really got us into the ghost hunter thing and encouraged us to take pictures at the graveyard to capture ghosts in our camera-it was a ton of fun!

    Your photos totally reminded me of that trip and the fun memories.Beautiful gravestones! Do you ever read them and wonder about the person that’s buried there? What they were like? I’m weird.


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