Sunday Snapshot: Driving into the Storm

This weekend, 50 of us authors signed books at Town Crier Bookstore‘s annual Author Extravaganza in Emporia, Kansas. I hopped onto old U.S. 50 to take a slower, more scenic ride back to Ottawa.

It was definitely scenic. I found myself driving right under a squall line churning its way north as I crossed into Coffey County. It was scary and majestic and darkly beautiful.

Storm 1 Squall Line in the Distance Storm 2 Squall Line at the Coffey County Line Storm 3 Squall Line Blows Over Storm 4 Behind the Squall Line

10 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Driving into the Storm

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      I-35 and the current U.S. 50 are the same road until you get to Emporia, where U.S. 50 splits off and goes west and I-35 goes south. As you probably know, U.S. 50 and Sixth Avenue are the same road through Emporia.

      If you’re driving in from the west, follow Sixth Avenue east all the way out of town. It will eventually go UNDER the I-35 overpass, and then you’ll be on old U.S. 50, which continues all the way to Ottawa before it merges with I-35 again. Here’s the route:

  1. Dave Burns

    The Author Extravaganza was a blast! Thanks again for letting me know about it, Diana. Sold a good number of books!


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