Hear about a Kansas True Crime at West Wyandotte Branch

Information about my upcoming presentation at West Wyandotte Library in Kansas City, Kansas has been posted to the KCKPL blog.


BOOKcoverFRONTThe Kansas City, Kansas Public Library West Wyandotte Branch will host local author Diana Staresinic-Deane on June 23 at 2:00pm.  She will be speaking about her new book Shadow on the Hill: The True Story of a 1925 Kansas Murder and its connection to Kansas City, Kansas.  A book signing will follow.

On Decoration Day 1925, Coffey County farmer John Knoblock and his son returned home to their farm from a trip to town to discover that John’s wife, Florence, had been brutally murdered.  This terrible crime resulted in a multi-county fiasco of an investigation, with inexperienced lawmen, gawking and suspicious neighbors, and a contaminated crime scene.  Desperate to find the murderer, the sheriff and attorney looked anywhere they could.  Hundreds of people were questioned, bloodhounds pulled investigators in multiple directions, and three different men were arrested before they finally set their sights on John Knoblock himself.

With a demanding public and nowhere else to…

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