Filmmakers Immortalize Bloody Benders

An infamous family of Kansas murderers is about to hit the big screen.

KOFO Local News

KANSAS — A pair of 24-year-old independent filmmakers from Los Angeles are in Kansas to begin filming this week about the state’s unique contribution to the lodging industry – the Bloody Benders of Labette County.  The Lawrence Journal-World reports that John Alexander and J.C. Guest are making what they are calling an Old West psychological thriller called “The Bender Claim.”  From about 1871 to 1873, the Bender family owned an inn and general store along the Great Osage Trail in northwestern Labette County.  Legend attributes the popularity of the Benders’ inn in large part because of daughter Kate, who was described as an exotic beauty and who was a self-proclaimed psychic and free-love advocate.  The Benders murdered at least a dozen travelers and buried most of them in an apple orchard next to the inn before their crimes were discovered and they fled. What happened to the family after that…

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