“New” Kansas state capital is awesome (and educational)

History Tech

I love a good museum. There’s almost nothing as fun as spending time in a really sweet museum. Right?

I earlier posted some of my online museum favorites. Today? Back to the basics with one of my go-to brick and mortar museums and a new favorite.

My go-to?

The Kansas State Historical Society. It’s a great place to visit and it has some awesome online resources as well. I especially like the very cool (and free) Read Kansas cards available online. The Traveling Trunks are also pretty incredible. And for you non-Kansans, these are still useful to you – many of the cards and other resources can be easily adapted to teach US history, geography, and economics.

My new favorite?

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2 thoughts on ““New” Kansas state capital is awesome (and educational)

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      That’s the dream! And because the Santa Fe Trail branches off into the Wet and Dry routes, we have a lot of trail left to tackle. And then, as my husband has pointed out, there are bunches of other trails to follow.


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