Sunday Snapshot: She loved her cows and Kansas (at Fort Scott National Cemetery)

I’ll write more on Fort Scott and the national cemetery soon. In the meanwhile, I was surprised (and charmed) to discover modern military headstones allow a little personalization.


Bertha Elizabeth Lyons, 1918-2008. Naval Pharmacist Mate Third Class during World War II. Lover of cows and Kansas the rest of her life.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: She loved her cows and Kansas (at Fort Scott National Cemetery)

  1. Sam and Sharron

    Diana, have you ever given any thought, or have knowledge of the 14 year old girl in Elkhart Kansas, her murder has gone unsolved for 40 years, is there any interest on your part to research this sad death? I have a cousin who was a very good friend of hers, and I could give you names of contact to research this tragic murder. Thank you for your time, I am a very big fan of your “Shadow on the Hill” book, and the lecture you gave at the Emporia Library…..Sincerely, Sharron Isch

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      Sharron, thanks so much for your message! I had not previously heard of the Elkhart murder, though what I’ve found so far in a single Google search is hair-raising. In general, I am weary of researching an unsolved murder new enough to potentially have a living perpetrator who might have a vested interest in not being found, especially since I’m a historian and not law enforcement. (I’d hate to potentially end up the subject of someone else’s true crime novel.) It looks like law enforcement hasn’t completely given up on this one; they re-searched the entire 5,000-acre farm as recently as 2004.


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