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“New” Kansas state capital is awesome (and educational)

History Tech

I love a good museum. There’s almost nothing as fun as spending time in a really sweet museum. Right?

I earlier posted some of my online museum favorites. Today? Back to the basics with one of my go-to brick and mortar museums and a new favorite.

My go-to?

The Kansas State Historical Society. It’s a great place to visit and it has some awesome online resources as well. I especially like the very cool (and free) Read Kansas cards available online. The Traveling Trunks are also pretty incredible. And for you non-Kansans, these are still useful to you – many of the cards and other resources can be easily adapted to teach US history, geography, and economics.

My new favorite?

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Furniture and Undertaking: An Odd Combination?

JoCo History Blog has a great post on Johnson County, Kansas, businesses that specialized in furniture making and undertaking.

JoCoHistory Blog

Furniture and undertaking may at first seem like an odd combination. However, many early furniture makers also built coffins as part of their work. These enterprising businessmen realized that in addition to caskets they could provide funeral services and care to the families of the deceased. They would often expand their businesses to include undertaking by earning an embalming license from a school like Renouards School of Embalming in Kansas City, KS.

We found some great photos of furniture/undertaking businesses from Johnson County’s history, along with some advertisements in the 1922 Atlas of Johnson County, and a photo of the Renouards School of Embalming’s class in 1900.

Ryan and Company Furniture and Undertaking in Shawnee, KS. It appears the business was quite successful and able to expand to a much larger storefront in the early 1900s.

Julien Furniture and Undertaking was located on the southeast corner of Park and Chestnut…

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2014 NWS Storm Spotter Talks Announced

The National Weather Service in Topeka has announced the dates and locations for this year’s storm spotter and weather safety talks. The presentations are a great way to learn about how to visually identify potentially dangerous storms, develop a safety plan, and understand the role of meteorologists and local emergency personnel when bad weather strikes. Even if you’ve attended an NWS presentation before, it’s worth going again: the field of meteorology and emergency management is constantly changing as technology develops.

Other states offer storm spotter programs, too. Check with your local links for presentations in your area.

2014 Kansas Schedule