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Sunday Snapshot: Hamblin Building in Ottawa, Kansas

The Hamblin Building is one of my favorite buildings in historic downtown Ottawa. I’m still exploring the history of this building, which once housed People’s National Bank and is rumored to have been one of the first buildings architect George P. Washburn was hired to work on after arriving in Ottawa (he did carpentry work). I love the lines and course stonework as it curves around the block.

Sunday Snapshot: St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church, Ottawa, Kansas

One of the things that I love about older parts of small towns is the fact that all aspects of daily life–grocery stores, churches, and schools–were enveloped into their neighborhoods. While driving down Oak Street in Ottawa, we discovered an old A.M.E. church nestled between two houses.

St. Paul's A.M.E. Church in Ottawa, Kansas.

St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church in Ottawa, Kansas.


“Corner Stone of A.M.E. Church, laid by W. D. Matthews, G. M. of M. of King Solomon, G. L. F. & A. M. of Kans., July 22, A. L. 5879, A. D. 1879”

Rebuilded cornerstone

A second cornerstone indicates that the church has been rebuilt. “Rebuilded A. D. 1919, Laid by H. L. Monroe, G. M. & Corinthian LOCDE No 12. A.F. & A.M. April 25, 1920, A. J. Sanders, Pastor.”