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Sunday Snapshot: Autumn on the Porch

This is our first fall in our new (well, old, at 112 years, but new to us) house. Imagine my joy when I stepped out onto my front porch earlier this week and saw this view.  It took my  breath away.

Autumn in my own yard.

Autumn in my own yard.



Autumn can last less than ten minutes in Kansas; enjoy it while you can

The most consistent thing about Kansas weather is that it’s inconsistent. Two days ago, East Central Kansas was a balmy 84 degrees; yesterday, Western Kansas was dusted with snow. But today–today was exactly right for autumn. Despite the drought, the leaves on the trees are showing their fall colors. If you’re in East Central Kansas, today’s the day. Go for a drive. If you’re in Emporia, go for a drive through Soden’s Grove. (Learn more about William T. Soden, the park’s namesake, here.)

Soden's Grove, Emporia, Kansas.

Soden's Grove, Emporia, Kansas. This road winds between the miniature train tracks and the Cottonwood River, which used to power Soden's Mill.

Soden's Grove, Kansas.