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Shadow on the Hill is mentioned in the Emporia Gazette! Flyover People Daily News » Keim Bakery

On March 16, I attended a presentation in LeRoy by the same Diana Staresinic-Deane mentioned above.

Her talk at the LeRoy Public Library was about the 1925 brutal killing of a young mother, Florence Knoblock, in Coffey County. After extensive research on the case, Diana wrote “Shadow on the Hill: the true story of a 1925 Kansas murder.” Her novelized version of this real-life crime, the investigation and trials, will be released this spring. (I’ll write more about her book after it’s been published.)

I decided to make it a Diana-themed day. Well, you know where this is headed. After all, I was kind of, sort of, in the Ottawa area, well – about an hour away. Because Keim’s had been pestering my mind for months now, I decided to wander my way to the bakery.

Follow the link to the rest of the story. And if you’re ever in Ottawa, stop by Keim Bakery. It’s a fabulous place to eat.

Flyover People Daily News » Keim Bakery.