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Sunday Snapshot: Street corner flowers on Main Street

The street corners of Ottawa’s historic downtown are planted with flowers bursting with color. Because of the hot, dry summer, the flowers are getting in one last big hurrah before the first frost of autumn.

Marigolds and salvias at the corner of Fourth and Main. In the background is the steeple to the First Baptist Church, which was designed by Ottawa architect George P. Washburn. The oldest parts of the church date back to 1886.

A collection of sunflowers are in full bloom at the corner of Fifth and Main. Washburn Towers, formerly the old Ottawa High School building, can be seen in the background. The building is another George P. Washburn design.

Encouraging the next generation of Kansas writers

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Jenkins, a teacher at Ottawa High School, invited me to speak to her class about what it means to be a writer. Completely flattered, I said yes and then spent the next few weeks wondering what I would say. Luckily for me, Mrs. Jenkins’ class developed a fantastic series of questions. Some of my favorites:

  • What is your favorite piece of work you have written?
  • How long would you say it takes to write a book?
  • Do you wish to become a professional writer like James Patterson, or is it just a hobby?
  • Is anyone in your family not supportive of you being a writer?
  • When did you decide to become a writer? Why?

These questions really got me thinking about the writing process and reminded me why I love writing. Even on the days when I delete twenty pages because I realize the story is moving in the wrong direction. Especially on the days when I figure out which direction the story should go.

So, just for fun, here’s the presentation I put together so we all have something to stare at in the event that I can’t remember what I was going to say.

Writing Presentation – Ottawa High School

We’ll have a good time. I hope. At least, I hope no one falls asleep.