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Why everyone, especially Kansans, should vote

Being in a smaller town, I have seen up close how important my vote can be in an election–especially when it comes time to vote for local issues and local representatives. But this election day, what’s happening in Kansas is IMPORTANT–important enough that that the whole country is watching to see how our election might change the outcome of what happens in Washington D.C. in the upcoming years, and important enough that other countries are watching, too.

It’s important enough that even Kansans are realizing their votes really could make a difference on some important matters.

“I think that for the first time in almost half a century Kansas might be consequential, that my vote might make a difference,” said Dixie Mills, 79, a retired teacher in Wichita who said she has voted in every election since 1960. “The races this time are quite critical for the national makeup of Congress and the effects that it might have on millions of people.” — Wichita Eagle, November 1, 2014

Even if you’re not lucky enough to be in Kansas, if you’re a U.S. citizen, you’re lucky enough to have the right to vote. Please get out there and exercise your right.