Supporters who made Shadow on the Hill possible

kickstarter-badge-fundedThis project would have been little more than a pile of newspaper clippings if it wasn’t for the help of many people in many places.

First, thank you to the members of the Knoblock and Mozingo families, many of whom are genealogists, for sharing photos, memories, and family stories with me. Your ongoing support has been vital to showing that John and Florence were real people.

Second, thank you to the awesome people at the various government offices and organizations who didn’t roll their eyes when I asked about data from 1925, including the Coffey County Historical Society & Museum, the Coffey County Courthouse, the Lyon County Courthouse, the Franklin County Courthouse, Lyon County Research Center, and anyone else I hassled into digging through microfilm, microfiche, or dusty old books that inevitably rested in hard-to-reach places.

Third, thank you to all of the people connected to this story who received my letter of inquiry and willingly talked with me about this old case.

Fourth, thanks to family, friends, and the awesome people at Emporia Public Library for listening to me rattle on and on about this project and not bugging me while I spent my off-hours sifting through the Kansas Room contents looking for information.

Fifth, special thanks to Stephan Anderson-Story for stomping around the old Knoblock farmstead with me to photograph the house and grounds. Thank goodness the gigantic black snake wasn’t interested in us.

And now, I’d like to thank all of the people who enthusiastically supported the Shadow on the Hill Kickstarter campaign. Hundreds of people–friends, family, and perfect strangers–took the time to visit, like, and share the Kickstarter campaign page and follow the official Shadow on the Hill Facebook page. A total of 78 people also contributed financially, providing the much-needed funding to professionally edit and publish this book, making it available to a broad audience for years to come. Below is the list of awesome people who generously contributed to this project financially:

Andy Cates


Ande Parks

Dan Richards

Jeffrey B George

Pilar D’Asto

Raymond Strange


Melissa Schmidt

Kathleen Szewc

Debbie Keais

Mark and Catherine Byard

Laurie MacDougall

Richard Collett


Julia Murphy

Chris Churchill

Jayme Johnson

Shannon McGee Lowery

George Simpson

Betty Butterfield

Link W Herrman

Sue Blechl

Lillian Makar

Brian Dillingham

Angela Carrigan

Deanna Donovan Miller

Janet Ruby

Cindy Blodgett

Denise Imbeau Danks

Bonnie Whittington


Nancy Witthuhn


Renee Flott

Roger Heineken

Barbara J. Underwood

Meredith Rosenbaum

Sara Bradburn

Melody Lynne Morgan

Sally Lewis

Dale Rohling

Crystal Strawder-Durbin

Megan Graham

Diana Culbertson Deering

Lisa Sharp

Ben Ennis

Alden Mahler Levine

Jessica Russell

Candice Michael

Debbie Cook


Mark Gregory

Mike Webber

Shawn Mishler

Judy Dawn

Erin Livingston

Bill Messenger


Gale Wall

Sharan A. Hamman

Sarah Herrmann

Carol L. Hamman

Douglas and Janet Anderson-Story

Jennifer Tarwater

Betty McCullough

Desiree Wynn

Jennifer Hinkle Stanley

Jerri Collander

Edward T. Goto

Jeff, Beth, Tom, and Jake Deane

Tom Thompson

Susan Chadbourne

Tony Hall

Jeffrey B. Freeman

The Jenkins Family

The former Knoblock farm.

The former Knoblock farm. Photo by Stephen Anderson Story.

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