I’ve been nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award!

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I received a message from Mr. V., blogger at The Accidental Kansan. “Diana, as a thank you for the wonderful and informative posts about life here in Kansas, I’ve nominated you for the Readers Appreciation Award,” he wrote.


The Reader Appreciation Award is an opportunity to recognize blogs that influence us. Nominees are asked to do four things:

  1. Add a picture of the award to my blog.
  2. Link to the blogger(s) who nominated me.
  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.
  4. Say 7 things about myself.

I follow and stumble into lots of amazing blogs. I love the internet because it allows all of us to tell the stories of our communities and ourselves. The internet is as limitless as our own personal histories. I feel so fortunate that my lifeline corresponds with the internet!

Here is my list of seven blogs that I love. Maybe you will, too!

  1. Cheryl Unruh’s Flyover People. I like to tell the story of Kansas’ history; Cheryl tells the story of today’s living, breathing Kansas. She finds something amazing in every small town, restaurant and festival.
  2. Laurie Pieper’s A Taste of Morning. Laurie runs a B&B in Manhattan, Kansas. She’s a brilliant photographer and her blog is packed with gorgeous photos of the Flint Hills and the sumptuous food that she prepares.
  3. Veronica’s Cornucopia. Veronica lives in Wichita, Kansas. Her blog is a fabulous mixture of food, fun, and humanity. If you live for Pinterest, she will give you a lot to pin.
  4. Veronica’s Garden. Rachel and Veronica blog from the Flint Hills of Kansas. Their posts are sometimes literary, sometimes historical, sometimes artsy, and sometimes personal. They’ll become your friends in no time.
  5. The High Plains Museum. The blog run by the High Plains Museum tells the story of Sherman County, Kansas, by drawing from its collection of historical artifacts. This blog deserves attention for making this little piece of Kansas accessible to everyone.
  6. The Civil War and Northwest Wisconsin. This is a fabulous example of how a blog can focus on a niche topic and do it really well. A must for Civil War buffs.
  7. Bear River Nova Scotia. I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, but this blog brings to life the town of Bear River. It’s fascinating and a great example of how even little communities have big histories.

And now, seven things about me:

  1. When I left Kansas in 1994, I never thought I would return. Six years later, I moved to Emporia, Kansas, to be closer to my then-fiance-now-husband. I discovered for the first time that Kansas was so much bigger than I remembered it being.
  2. Our first Kansas adventure took us to Monument Rocks. All alone out there by this magnificent natural landmark, I had my first inkling of what it must have been like to travel across the prairie 150 years earlier.
  3. My husband and I are a home for wayward rodents. Since we adopted our first two guinea pigs through the Buck Fund in 2004, we’ve been the proud parents of eight guinea pigs and one hamster, all of whom were adopted, rescued, or otherwise rehomed with us because they had nowhere else to go.
  4. I’m afraid of heights and not fond of swimming in the ocean. Kansas really is the ideal location for me.
  5. The best part of my experience as a student at the University of Southern California was being exposed to so many different people from so many different backgrounds. I really learned to appreciate diversity – both in people and in thinking.
  6. I am a huge reader. I’ve usually got multiple books going at any one time – an audiobook on my mp3 player, a physical book, and an ebook. I’m a huge fan of the Kansas library system and heavily promote the ebook and mp3 audiobook resources available from the state library.
  7. I’m fascinated by natural history, geology, and the weather and love books detailing human error and natural disaster.

Thank you, Mr. V., for thinking of me for this award. I feel appreciated!

12 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award!

  1. Angela

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is fantastic. Thanks for your blog; I enjoy it so much. Thanks also for the list of other blogs. I am looking forward to reading them. As another moved-away-and-moved-back-Kansan, I’d like to say, “There’s no place like home”

  2. Nancy

    Congratulations…what on honor! I’m particularly fond of reading Kansas blogs, guess I just “get” them. Keep up the good work & enjoy your much deserved award.

  3. Veronica

    I’m honored, and thrilled to see the fellow KS bloggers you nominated. Before today, I was only aware of two, you and 4 Little Fergusons. Now I got fresh blood! 🙂 And I hope you aren’t offended by this since I’ve revealed my Mom is mentally ill…but you remind me of her in some ways. (Don’t worry, I don’t think you’re crazy! lol) Your picture has always reminded me of her as a young woman, and now because you are afraid of heights as is she. One time our car was broken down during the week we had to enroll in school, so we all had to walk. Well, the only way to get there on foot was to go over one of those caged bridges that go over the highway. Mom was FREAKING OUT! But she was strong and made it there and back in one piece. LOL!

    It is totally cool that you adopt rodents in need and love to read so much. I ❤ books too! I'm listening to Calico Joe at work right now–I pretty much listen to anything and everything, and I'm also reading a book with my eyes that is a fluffy Christian romance called My Stubborn Heart and am enjoying both so far.

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      Sorry I’m just now replying to this! No offense taken. I seem to have an extraordinary number of doppelgangers out there. I’ve apparently been spotted in Michigan and several places in Kansas. I’ve had people come up to me in parking lots to ask me about my new car (that I’ve been driving for years) because they thought I was someone else. My own father once almost yelled at a little girl for bicycling so far from home until he realized that she was not me. Weird, huh?

      There are a lot of Kansas bloggers out there. Some of them are subtle, which is so Kansas. And I hate, hate, hate driving over those bridges that just have tracks for the tires. There are lots of them out in the country and they freak me out.

  4. Mr. V.

    I was looking forward to seeing what other blogs you would nominate for the award, and I have to say, the wait was worth it. Now I have more blogs to add to my weekly/daily reading. 😀

    In ref to the 7 things about yourself:

    I share your fear of heights, and partially of the sea. I do like swimming in the ocean, but never so far from the shore that I can’t easily wade back out of the water. With me, it’s not so much a fear of the water as it is some of the less than friendly denizens of the ocean, such as sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and others.

    My greatest fear would probably be falling from a great height into the water right in the middle of a bunch of sharks. 😀

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      My family is from Croatia, which has mountains and ocean. I’m really glad they immigrated. When I visited the Old Country (which is beautiful) I had many near-heart attacks sitting in a car driven by one of my cousins with a sheer drop just inches from the passenger-side tires.

      1. Mr. V.

        I’d like to see more of Croatia. I was in Dubrovnik for one day, and I enjoyed going through the old city.

        Speaking about driving along sheer drops, one thing I don’t do is driving over bridges. At least not if I can help it at all. I have been known to drive 100 miles out of my way just so I didn’t have to go over a particularly nasty bridge over a river or valley or whatnot.

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