Sunday Snapshot: Stone Girl in Overbrook Cemetery

During our recent adventure searching for evidence of the Santa Fe Trail in Osage County (more on that soon!), we wandered into Overbrook Cemetery, which is practically situated on top of documented (and visible!) Santa Fe Trail ruts.

Most of the markers are basic and not nearly as old as the trail, but there was one in particular that drew us: the memorial to Vivian Butel, whose little girl statue has watched the trail where wagons once passed since her death in 1918.

Profile photo Overbrook Cemetery

9 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Stone Girl in Overbrook Cemetery

    1. Diana Staresinic-Deane Post author

      I’m particularly drawn to photographic historic graves of infants and children. Too often, the parents buried their child and moved on, and there is no one left to even acknowledge the grave. It’s something small I can do–to take the time to read a grave marker and photograph it.

      1. Diana Sisson

        I was born and raised in Overbrook,ks…this was in the ’50′s my mom,aunt & grandma would load up my sisters and my cousins,stop to get us each a bottle of pop and we’d ride around town,it always included a trip through the cemetery. They stopped the car and let us kids get out and visit Vivian…as my grandma told the story of how she passed, she was the daughter of a Doctor, she got into a bottle of her fathers aspirin, he was unable to save her. We never got tired of hearing that story and remains strong in my mind today!

  1. John Geyer

    I’ve never lived in Overbrook, ‘tho I always wanted to. I have cousins all over the place, including Diana Sisson above. There is much to like about Overbrook but best of all are the people–finest anywhere. Hi Diane!


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