Sunday Snapshot: Street corner flowers on Main Street

The street corners of Ottawa’s historic downtown are planted with flowers bursting with color. Because of the hot, dry summer, the flowers are getting in one last big hurrah before the first frost of autumn.

Marigolds and salvias at the corner of Fourth and Main. In the background is the steeple to the First Baptist Church, which was designed by Ottawa architect George P. Washburn. The oldest parts of the church date back to 1886.

A collection of sunflowers are in full bloom at the corner of Fifth and Main. Washburn Towers, formerly the old Ottawa High School building, can be seen in the background. The building is another George P. Washburn design.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Street corner flowers on Main Street

    1. Mr. V.

      I’m slightly afraid that this winter may be colder and harsher than the last few years here in Kansas. I hope it’s nothing but superstitious fears on my part, but there it is.

  1. Tami

    Gorgeous! My flowers are also going out in a blaze of glory, so to speak. Sounds like that could potentially end Saturday night – temps in the 20’s.


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